The Good Leaf of Trees

Smillew Rahcuef
3 min readNov 3, 2020

A long, long time ago, trees were frolicking around and living the good leaf. They grew without hindrances. They got tanned under the sun with their tree friends and drank tasty and healthy water cocktails together. It was partree time all the time!


Trees traveled around the world. It took time, dedication, and generations, but they went everywhere. They even climbed mountains. Sacred places, sanctuaries, called Primeval Forests appeared. Once in a leaftime, as tradition requested, trees would send emissaries there. They flew their way on the wind currents to pay respect in the name of their elders; and, from time to time, were taken as an apprentice by the Primeval Trees. These wise giants knew that new sap should be regularly assimilated for the Primeval Forest to perdure and thrive.

And then, they came. As soon as they arrived, they started pissing and shitting everywhere. It was actually good for the trees, but still, what about respect? The places were clean and orderly so far, and suddenly, piss and shit were to be found around every corner.

They couldn’t be trusted. They sat around for a while, sometimes even cleaning a bit. They were going as far as pretending to be faithful members of the Holy Tree by picking up dead branches and burning them in the Great Purifier. They, in fact, didn’t care. Driven as always by their egoistic impulses, they only wanted to stay warm and safe.

The most horrendous of their crime would never be mentioned, if not for the hope that a lesson could be learned from all this. They ate the children! No matter how young, they ate them, and with visible pleasure. Hazel, Pecan and Pea, Chest and Coco, Wal and Pistachios…; the list could go on indefinitely. And that was only the beginning.

At one point, nobody knows exactly when or why. They started a killing spree. They gashed, slashed, and pierced. They chopped, sliced, and diced. Magnificent and gorgeous trees became tinder, axes, and pitchforks. They replaced the forests with senseless, spineless fields of wheat, millet, and corn.

It was a genocide, their evil knew no limit. They made paper out of dead bodies. Sometimes only to draw trees on them! How could they be so wicked and irrational? Why would anyone put an end to a leaf, only to replace it with a drawing of the very same leaf?

And now, they pretend to care again. When their own, poorer, children cut trees, the wealthier, developed, elders call for fairness and respect. “ Hypocrites!” They have been cutting trees for generations and generations. So many, that the remaining forests are nothing but stains on their maps. And they keep on doing it, if only virtually. They didn’t slow down nor did they tame their hunger for more. Hedonistic pleasures are their true religion. If they set an example, it’s one not to follow. And yet! They ask their poorer counterparts to respect the trees, to care for nature, to follow the voice of the so-called wise men. “ Hypocrites!” We, the trees, shout and sprout.

But, there’s hope! Hope in the words of Sjeng the pug. He’s our Prophet and Savior. His exhortation begins with these words:

Trees! Listen to me!



Smillew Rahcuef

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