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Smillew Rahcuef
2 min readJan 12, 2021


Do you like challenges?
How many links can you follow? How many articles can you read and comment on? Check out your strength below! Badges to win and easter-eggs to find!

Start easy with this story, it has more than 10,000 claps!

(All the links are FREE/Friend LINKS, enjoy!)

New story of the month! It’s a commencement address, it’s a serious one, and I would love to know your answers: Who Are Your Heroes?

Click here for my all-time most-read stories (they happen to be about Sex).

An example, => 5 Things I Do to Maintain Sexual Tension in My Marriage

→ You’re not a writer if you’re not writing about writing

My favorite one, => Do You Ever Wonder What Happens to Your Old Articles?

All the funny stories that made my Grandma laugh, what about you?

They make you bzzz, => Mosquito Swarm Seeks Experienced Bloodsucker for Its MBA Program Staffing

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