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  • Sandra Jasionowska

    Sandra Jasionowska

    Software Developer by day || Hiking, (Mental) Health, Crossfit, Indie Games, Self-awareness Maniac by night || always a Pole || I publish a few times per week

  • David B. Clear

    David B. Clear

    Cartoonist, science fan, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals. 1,000x Bottom Writer. https://davidbclear.medium.com/subscribe

  • Darius


    A man, a Lithuanian immigrant in the UK. Amateur writer. https://linktr.ee/DariusButkevicius darius@duck.com

  • Logan Silkwood

    Logan Silkwood

    I’m your friendly neighborhood polyamorous, non-binary trans man. Pronouns: he/him. I’m an editor for Queerly Trans and Prism & Pen. Twitter: @logan_silkwood

  • Fox Kerry

    Fox Kerry

    If you paint for me even one thing which is true, perhaps I’ll be tempted to consider two. I tell tales poetically, someone else needs to set them to music.

  • Kittie Velour

    Kittie Velour

    From the Sty to the Sky

  • Anny Plummer

    Anny Plummer

    I welcome friends on Facebook and at my website, annyplummer.com

  • Ryan Klemek

    Ryan Klemek

    I write dinosaur erotica and mysteries featuring horny cat people. I also do the book cover illustrations. Sometimes I write reviews for movies that don’t exist

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