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  • Auctor Quick

    Auctor Quick

    Helping you save a shitload of time and money. Writing about what I learn from expensive info products and fluffy books. Follow my publication: The quick club.

  • Stefan Grieve

    Stefan Grieve

    British writer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Chairperson of writing group ‘’Wakefield Word.’

  • Tony Galbier

    Tony Galbier

    Reader, writer, arithmetic-er. Master’s in Engineering, Master’s in Business. Using my degrees to write about topics unrelated.

  • R P Gibson

    R P Gibson

    British freelance writer of history and humour. Sometimes other stuff. I’ll never use a semi-colon and you can’t make me. More here - https://linktr.ee/rpgibson

  • KiKi Walter

    KiKi Walter

    Writer/editor/memoirist/mental health advocate based in Orange County, CA. A nostalgic flibbertigibbet from the Adirondacks. Publisher of The Memoirist.

  • Monika Hall

    Monika Hall

    Hi I like to write sketches. This is me smashing ideas together and seeing what happens! She/Her (https://medium.com/writesketchy)

  • Charlie Tango

    Charlie Tango

    Take my hand… let’s find our way home, together.

  • Alex Mell-Taylor

    Alex Mell-Taylor

    I write about pop culture and politics. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/opinionsalexhas Write for me: https://medium.com/after-the-storm

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