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Transparency’s always the key

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

I thought it was the end.

The outside disappeared, the walls disappeared, but everything else stayed. That was the strangest thing. I could see the neighbors upstairs walking on a layer of thin air. I could see the kids next door playing and making noises as usual.

I could see everywhere in the whole apartment complex.

And, of course, there he was in unit R124, my cheating husband. I knew he was up to something.

Then, a godly voice shouted, “VOILA! Everybody’s safe!

The walls came back, the outside came back. Now, I’m waiting for my husband to come back.

Without (much) ado

Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

This article follows the structure of a compiled Twitter thread for content repurposing purposes. I find it easier to write my articles directly in this form; instead of working on them — again — to fit the platform of repurposing. Hopefully, you don’t mind.

On a side note, I also have a youtube video presenting this exact same tip in the exact same manner, but I speak, and you can listen instead of reading.

On a side side note, I also have a newsletter presenting this exact same tip in the exact same manner. But you receive it as an…

100 words

Thrifty Word Challenge 100: #21 Motivation

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

I currently hold several records in my household, and it’s only the beginning:

  • Quickest blindfolded clothesline pegging of a ten-pound washing machine.
  • Most neatly single-handed ironed skirt, dress, and shirt.
  • Fastest garbage take-out.
  • Fastest garbage take-out hopping on one foot.
  • Longest streak of vacuum cleaning the living room naked.

I’m so good, my wife admitted, she cannot compete anymore.

But she believes that, with enough training, I’ve got the potential to improve and maybe get into the Guinness World Records.

Can you imagine the motivation?

I’m pumped!

This story is in…

A 2021 commencement address

Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

This text is my answer to Sarah Cords’s question: What Would You Say In a Commencement Address?

I came here today with three questions; one for me, one for you, and one for us.

I stand before you and remember that I was your age and sitting there a few decades ago, half-listening to some half-wisdoms. I was thrilled to be there, of course. It was a special day for our family, even more than we thought. My mother unexpectedly died on the evening of this special day.

She had a favorite quote I had never understood. That day, it…

A story of the unfortunate world

Dreadman to the rescue

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

When Aunt Milledread called and asked for help, I knew something very wrong had happened. And that it could only get worse.

She lives in the shittiest shithole on the planet. I know that for a fact, I spent my whole childhood there. Don’t come and explain why I’m exaggerating and how more inclusive I should be.

Port Putridion’s inhabitants are the first to agree. They’re constantly complaining about how smelly, filthy, unsupportive, and uncaring the city can be. They’re not doing anything to change it, mind you.

The week’s highlight is when they gossip at Josh’s, the ice cream…

Smillew Rahcuef

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