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New story of the month! It’s a commencement address…

That’s one small clap for me, one giant leap for your articles

A couple celebrating 2021 claps last year, but this is 2022, so …

In the spirit of the YouTube star MrBeast⁶⁰⁰⁰, here’s my first clap giveaway.

I know that claps are vanity metrics and don’t mean anything. But don’t we all like them? One of my articles might soon reach 10,000 claps, and I’m super excited about it.

But enough with the shameless…


Exclusive press release from the President

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

During my first term, I could see how staffers and journalists were not used to working under pressure. Real businessmen like me can do that all day, but these Washington people don’t know what it means to be efficient under tight deadlines.

You wouldn’t believe how many staff members I…

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