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I love ideas that make box outside the think. Currently time travelling to the future.

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That’s my profile picture, but bigger. Source: Dude, trust me.
  1. Why Believing in Santa Claus Can Lead You to a Better Life
  2. I Haven’t Talked With My Sister Since 1997 (in Moments)
  3. How to Be a Happier Runner? (in Runner’s life)

Bitcoin True Crime Fiction

A story full of stock market volatility

Nathan Cowley — modified by Author

The tweet that changed Michael into Mokotana

If you’re outside the system, then by definition you pose systemic risk to it.

I hope to read you again someday

Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

Focus on your future instead of trying to mess up with mine

Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

You, of all people, should know better

An ethical decision-making framework

  • Utilitarian Ethics. Will wishing a happy birthday to the old witch have an overall positive outcome?
  • Deontological Ethics. Is it — still?! — my…

With online dating comes ghosting

Artwork by AnnaliseArt, modified by Author


Dr. Octopus

The Green Hornet

Robin Hood


Conan the Barbarian

Judge Dredd


Don’t let your kids read this

Gratisography’s done hiding chocolates.

Chocolate bitcoins

Rabbit shaped chocolate, but with laser eyes

Quora Humor

It’s more complicated than you think

Exhibit 1 by What should I do?

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