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Personal Favorites (updated every time I…

Well, shouganai, my friend!

Photo by Alex Iby

More stupid shit from Simon, Victor thought to himself. I’m deleting this.


“Simon? How did you get there?”

“It doesn’t matter, Victor. I saw what you did. You just deleted my email. I poured my heart into it, and you barely read it. I wrote you I was going to kill myself. It was a cry for help, for fuck’s sake. And what did you do? You deleted it?! Don’t you remember we were blood brothers? How can you not give a shit about my yūgen?”

“You’re comparing your life to the sad beauty of human suffering? …

100 words

Thrifty Word Challenge 100: #28: Twice

Danke by Wilhelm Gunkel

In the (sad) news this week, Sarah Cords decided to leave this platform. Sarah, @citizenreader on Twitter, was a citizen writer, reader, and commenter here. She still is and will be, but not on this platform anymore.

Everything must come to an end, but I, selfishly maybe, wish it would have been later.

I enjoyed Sarah’s articles and found them inspiring more than once or twice. She’s the epitome of what I love here, authentic voices.

Good writers make you want to read, and great writers make you want to write; Sarah made me write.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Siamese Storytelling

Minds that don’t sleep

Artwork by Fox Kerry

It’s nap time, but he’s in her head.

Why does she keep meeting with her ex-husband?

He’s always so pompous and professorial. Evolutionary psycho-biology or the crème in the cappuccino, it doesn’t matter; his tone drives her mad.

That they’re two of the few telepaths in Dallas probably captures it.

She tries to roll over, tuck a thin pillow between her knees. What’s he saying now? Something about mischief-making anteater-bears explaining thug life in Northern Wales?

How typical! He never was in Northern Wales. And thug life? Seriously? He must have listened to psychedelic rap again.

That’s it!

If he…

Rocket humor

Space innuendo

Photo by Terence Burke

In the news today, people all over the planet are making fun of the richest people in huwoman history.

Ellen Scent — SpaceXX, Jephrina Bezas — Pink Origin, and Lady Ricarda Brandaughter — Hymen Galactic compete to be the first tourist in space.

After Hymen Galactic engine failure last week, Twitter went crazy. Thankfully, the spacecraft remained intact. And with Pink Origin’s launch approaching, the topic became trending again.

„This space race is ridiculous on all counts. Look at Pink Origin’s rocket! It’s nothing short of a giant vagina. What’s next? …

Pushok the Fluffy, by Author


The fluffy life of Pushok — part II

You all remember Marilyn Monroe singing that Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Right? Well, it turns out Dumbbells are a kitten’s best friend.

On the bright side of things, it’s cheaper than diamonds.

It’s not only because princesses want it

Picture by Carly Rae Hobbins

In 21st-century fairy tales, princesses upped the ante and are now taking it up the ass to reward prince charming. At least in the movies.

I’m not talking about porn.

In Kingsman: The Secret Service, featuring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, the princess offers the hero “to do it in the bum” if he saves her (and the world).

In a world where Cosmo regularly writes about it, and even princesses do it, we almost start wondering how anyone could refuse this treat to their partner.

Whether you’re doing it or not, understanding why straight men crave anal sex…

Smillew Rahcuef

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