My favorite, the French fries variation of the French defense

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Cottonbro playing her winning coping strategy

I wouldn’t want you to think I’m just another wanker writing about something I don’t know after doing an 8-minute search on google. Here are my credentials:

I’m not an orphan, I’m not hot, and I’m not a chess prodigy.

If you’re reading this, I guess you’re in a similar situation. The time has come to share my top 6 practical coping strategies on how to deal with the fact that you’re not a hot orphaned chess prodigy.

The first three are purely defensive ones but can be used at all levels. …

So far, my answer is no. But it will change with time.

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Me and my writing coach by Budgeron Bach

Writing is your passion, your hobby, or your side hustle.

You want to prove Andy Warhol right and be world-famous for fifteen minutes. Or maybe 1,000 views on your latest post will be enough to start with.

Can you make it by yourself, or should you hire a writing coach?

Do you have something to prove? To yourself? Or to your partner? ‘Of course, it’s possible; you’ll see.’ That was your answer when your partner expressed doubts about (what they saw as) your new fling, writing.

Maybe you know yourself enough to know that self-motivation isn’t your strong suit. Or…

This is a limited-time offer that will end up in a few hours (starting tomorrow)

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Kaboompics bought me this ko-fi

Hey everyone,

I know you’re getting tired of this message.

I would be after receiving it 8 times last week.

That’s one per day, plus the Sunday freebie bonus message. That’s a lot of messages, but you keep on opening them, so I keep on sending.

Makes sense, right?

How do I know that?

Well, Mailchimp (for example) “loads a tiny, transparent image into each campaign, and counts how often the image is loaded among the delivered campaigns. The image is invisible to your subscribers.”

By the way, fun fact, if you upgrade your Mailing plan to “Fight Club Membership,” you can make this invisible…

#5, no surprise, is masturbation

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10 things, but 12 condoms, just in case. Stay safe by Author and Nataliya

GQ has its famous ten essentials series, ten things their favorite people can’t live without. They love them, they need them, and they travel everywhere with them.

Here are the ten things I can’t have sex without. I love them, I need them, but I don’t travel everywhere with them because I mostly have sex in my bedroom. And my collection of sex-toys is too large to be transported anywhere.

#1 — An open door

From a symbolic point of view, we need to keep our minds open during sex. If consent is always the first step, a well-wishing attitude is the second one. …

Here are the 4 types of proofreaders in my toolbox

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Vanessa Garcia is proofreading my article

My favorite quote by Carl Jung is, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

When it comes to feedback on your writings, it’s plain wrong.

As a writer, you know how much courage it takes to hit publish and how easier it can be to keep your words hidden in the drawer, under invoices for additional safety. That’s why you don’t want to ask for feedback, for fear of showing your writings. And that’s why you need feedback, to be confident enough to put your (reviewed) writings out there.

There are many ways to give yourself feedback as a…

Because it is a constraint on your time and freedom

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That’s about right, only the cat is missing. Source.

I love my family, even the cat that my partner and sons wanted (not me). And I could write at length about them. But today, I want to share how I deal with the constraint because family life is a constraint for all of its members (even for the cat).

I see it as living in a smaller scale society, very comparable to the one we all share outside. And, unless you’re the cat, living in a society means that you can’t always do what you want (for example, having a nap in the middle of the day) and that…

I’ll remember about it for years to come, I’ll dream about it, but I won’t live it again; it was my last run.

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Picture used with permission from What Should I Do?

Today is Sunday, but I woke up early. I wanted everything to be silent and didn’t want my family to see me.

6 AM. I expect the streets to be empty, but for a few partygoers going back home at this time of the day.

I like to cross paths with them. They’re always cheerful, clapping, or offering high fives. They’re as disconcerted as me to see how diametrically different the lives of people can be. I’m the serious and healthy version of their carefree and fun selves.

Today, I don’t want my family to see me because they know…

#5 is, of course, about masturbation.

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My first divorce taught me this lesson.

I noticed and understood too late how easily sexual drive could disappear in a long term relationship.

And, as Meghan Gause recently wrote, technology isn’t always helping. But, there’s hope! Hope in the fact that I’m still having sex after ten years of (second) marriage!

Here are 5 habits I created and try my best to maintain. For once, the reward is worth the effort!

Have a dedicated messenger app for sex talk

It’s a big turn-off to see sexy pictures or dirty talk intertwined with a reminder to clean the cat litter and grocery shopping list.

Maybe your partner is…

Or why it’s best not to have thin skin if you’re looking for feedback.

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That’s me, reading feedback from Jeremy Bishop

The title is stolen from the email my (former!) friend sent me after editing one of my articles.

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with feedback.

I know I need it. I sorely know I’ve got blind spots, some unknown unknowns that I can’t get around by myself. But sometimes, I wish I could live in the fairytale land where my writings (or any other pieces of content I produce, for that matter) are just perfect.

They’re not. Nor are yours.

Your writings will never be perfect.

If that’s something blocking you, then just hit the publish button right now. Most likely, you’ve already spent too many…

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